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Friday, July 27, 2012

Book Review Services

I've been researching services that offer a professional that will read my book and write an honest, objective review. They are a little pricey, but then again I'm not having a great deal of success getting a known reviewer to read and evaluate my work. One additional benefit is that some services, like Clarion, add the review to their database and it is used by libraries and other institutions for selecting books.

Create Space, my self-publishing company, offers this service through both Clarion, and Kirkus Indie. I was torn as to which one to select since they sort of specialize in different markets. Kirkus was interesting since show and movie writers use this service to scan for new books that could be of interest. Those that have read my book say that it would make a great movie, especially with the 100 year anniversary coming up. But, being conservative, I decided to go with Clarion, since Baker & Collins use their service to select books, and they supply all the US military bases. I figure my target reader are those interested in military history.

I feel nervous putting my book out there for review. So much is pending on the out come and one never knows how their work will be received. It would be salt rubbed into a wound if I didn't receive a favorable result after paying for it. I guess it goes along with, "if you believe in your story then proceed".  

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