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Friday, July 13, 2012

The Package Has Been Delivered

Just received the proof book, or I should say that my daughter received it. I happen to be on vacation so I had it delivered to my daughter's house. She opened the package and sent me a picture of the book - can't wait to hold it in my hands and know that it is for real.

I've been sending emails to Amazon book reviewers inquiring if any of them would like to review my book. According to what I've read a book with positive reviews is more successful than those without. This is especially true if you're lucky enough to have one of the more popular reviewers read your book.

As soon as I look over the proof and make the necessary changes I'll download the updates and hopefully it will go into print by the first part of August. According to my package I'll receive 50 free books, which will go out to reviewers. I'll order 100 or more for the book launch and other personal appearances.

Researching how to market your book, I read that some believe that to make any money as a writer you have to keep writing books and not spend time on marketing them - the old numbers game. Others say you should balance the two. All agree that some sort of marketing has to take place and continue for awhile. That it takes time to build up readers so a continuous marketing plan will build readers.

As for myself, I didn't plan to become a writer, I only wrote the book because I believed in the story and I felt compelled to tell my grandfather's story. For this reason I'm trying hard to get the message out and become a one book wonder. Although, the bug has bitten me and the thought of a second book is creeping into my realm of possibilities.

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