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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Residual Benefits

What I've discovered from my project is that I'm receiving residuals from my research. Since I posted so many request for information and journal entries over the past four years some responses are still trickling in. As example, just the other day I received a post on a subject I originally back in July 2011, almost one year ago. The fellow wanted to thank me for posting excerpts from the journal. He was visiting a war memorial around Flanders to find his great uncle's grave, who served in the RFA , from 1916 until is death. He went on to say that they helped him to understand, at a deeper level, what it must have been like to be a soldier. 

This was for this reason I posted the excerpts.To have readers experience the war through the descriptive writing of one man.. 

Not too long ago I heard from a researcher who added information to my post  on Great War Forum. He listed information on soldier by the last name of Haywood. I had to search the journal to determine where Haywood's name was mentioned. As it turned out it was when my grandfather was visiting some old friends in another battery. They were talking about old times and that is when they told him about Haywood's death.

Bits and pieces of information comes in from various sources and each is a piece of the larger puzzle.

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