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Friday, July 6, 2012

Book Launching

Now that I have an idea of when the book will be released, I'm going to schedule my first book launch party for the end of August. It is going to be held in the art gallery where some of my paintings are on display. The name of the gallery is "The Eye Candy Art Gallery" and is located in Southern Pines, NC.

Over the past six months I've been accumulating emails of those I would invite and will bulk send them all an invitation. Frank, the owner, will advertise the party in local media as well as an extensive list of clients. It should be an exciting night.

I'm uncertain of the number of books to order for this event but even if I over order it will not matter for I'm scheduling other launches and signings.

Perhaps the publicity will create an interest for the local bookstore to schedule a book signing, sort of a double dip for sales.

My marketing avenues will include Amazon US, UK, and Europe, Library of Congress, library book catalog, news media and several other book suppliers. I believe in the shotgun approach and then focus in on what moves.

I would love to send a book to Tom Hanks, or the other well known producers such as Clint and suggest they start filming so that it would be ready for release by 2014. I would be willing to sit in on the filming and help as the journal expert!

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