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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Additional Research

My grandfather received a field commission to 2nd Lieutenant in 1915 but after that his commissions were rather confusing. Case in point is the following letter.

In this communication he is requesting that he be considered for permanent rank of Lieutenant with pay reimbursement at a Lieutenant's pay scale retroactive to when he was promoted to Lieutenant on July 1, 1917, which must have been a temporary rank. I say this because this correspondence is dated June of 1919 and he uses 2/Lieut Hon Lieut F. Coxen. Yet, in this correspondence dated 10th December 1916 he uses "From t-Captain F. Coxen R.F.A, "t" possibly representing temporary.
  So was he promoted to the temp rank of Captain prior to his temp rank of Lieutenant?  Was he given this temp rank because he was Acting Adjutant, Liverpool A.A. Defenses.

Then in 1919 he partitioned for the permanent rank of Captain, which was awarded.


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