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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Social Media Marketing

Spent time using social media sites for marketing. Since Amazon posted my book to their site today I was able to use this information for promoting the book.
  First I added my book to "GoodReads" website. For those that don't know about this site, it is one of the best sources for reviewing and rating books. If you're an avid reader and you know what books interest you, you can go to this website and pull up the appropriate category  for your type of book and presto books appear and you can checkout their review rating. It is a little risky for the author to post their masterpiece because your book may not receive favorable reviews, which is usually a death sentence for sales.
  Of course I posted information on my Facebook page and sent messages to everyone I could think of. The only problem is that CreateSpace doesn't report live sales numbers so I don't know how the book is selling. According to CS Amazon sales are reported within four days after the manufacture of the order. What this boils down to is a customer places an order and it is forwarded to production which schedules the book to be printed. Once printed it is boxed and shipped. The author's account isn't credited for the sale until the book is printed and your account is up-dated. Wouldn't it be nice if they credited the account when credit card is approved?

Now my loyal followers it is time to go to Amazon and order your copy of The Great Promise. If you've been following my posts, you know the work and time I spent on presenting an unforgettable book. Please check it out.

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