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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Post Partum Blues

Here I sit wondering what to do next. I released my book but it hasn't appeared on Amazon yet. Until that happens it really doesn't exist except in my e-store.

I order books for my book launch on August 24th but they will not arrive until, cross your fingers, August 22.

I thought I heard a drum roll when I clicked the button "I approve the proof". However, the cymbals never reported the results. How true it is that participation is ten-percent of  anticipation, or is it the other way around. Regardless of the structure, I was anticipating more of a response and it didn't happen!

It will never be known when or whom purchased the first book. I would like to know that information because that person purchased a part of me and I would like to thank them and find out why they did it; what made my book stand out from the rest.

So here I sit. All dressed up with nowhere to go. God! I'm beginning to sound like Eeyore!

The site "Good Reads" is brought up by many. They ask if my book will be listed on their site. Until they asked I didn't know it existed. I'm now a proud member but after trying several methods for adding my book it came down to, "only librarians can add a book"; I didn't pursue that avenue. I believe that a book has to be released by the publisher in order for it to exist - at least it seems that way.

So here I stand - got tired of sitting, pacing the floor wondering what I can do to make life move a little faster - at least in the realm of books.

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