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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Electronic Book?

In this day and age many readers have strayed from the marvelous feeling of hold a book while reading. The smell of a newly printed book when it is first opened. However, like so many of our old standards such as magazines, newspapers, music CD and movie DVDs, times are a changing.

In order to make money, or break even, I have to consider publishing my book electronically on the Kindle format. The royalties are higher but the reader's cost per book lower, but then again the volume is higher, so I guess the money that can be made is about the same.

To convert the book to electronic format I contacted Create Space. They have a program that will convert the book but they didn't say if it is free. It seems that nothing is free except advice and often, if taken, can be very expensive.

I haven't heard from Create Space on the progress they're making on the changes I've made. Wondering why, I logged on and saw that my upload of changes were still active. I clicked on the update button and my upload vanished from the page. This worried me since I uploaded the changes over a week ago and my print deadline is approaching. Worried, I sent a message to my support contact wondering why I haven't been contacted regarding the changes and I was told that until I actually sent the changes they didn't have the information to work with. It would take 7 business days for them to make the alterations and then a couple of days for print and mail the proof. My God! This is cutting it close - too close.

With the launching coming up on the 24th, I fear that the books will have to be sent express in order to make it to the Gallery on time, which will cost a lot more for shipping. I'll keep you posted on how this event unfolds.

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