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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hard Marketing Facts

Everything I've read relaid the message that to be successful you have to develop a marketing plan and then stick to it. I did just that and so when my book was released, I started to implement the first part of the plan, which was to activate my support base.

I thought that my family and friends would help spread the word and push my book - wrong! With releasing my book I was riding on an emotional high by finally reaching a four year goal. However, my support group wasn't directly involved and therefore not at the same level of involvement as I was. Personal involvement leads to commitment, without participation, words are not converted into action.

People, which includes family and friends, are involved in their own lives and by nature they proceed through their day without wanting additional burden. Therefore, your greatest asset of a pyramid of exponential numbers is only potential energy.

Thank goodness I was diverse in my plan which included organizations and websites. Even these are difficult to motivate to action. I found this to be true with the Western Front Association, Great War Forum, and a few others.

Only sure thing is paid advertising and that is cost prohibitive. I suppose that marketing a book is like writing one in that both take a great deal of time before results are displayed.

I was hoping that upon releasing the book I would see leap in initial sales - it didn't happen. Disappointing but expected.  

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