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Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

From Notes and Well Remembered Incidences

My thoughts this day turn to those who have given their lives for the freedom of others. Although I was born an American, half of me is British, and there for this Memorial Day is also dedicated to three Royal Field Artillery soldiers, Percy Bramwell, William Glew and Frank Taylor, who paid the ultimate sacrifice one hundred years ago.

They were friends of my grandfather and Percy died in his arms, while William Glew was in a dugout that received a direct hit by German artillery. Using his hands, my grandfather dug for his friend and when he found his boots, he tried to pull him out but only the lower portion of his body came out.

After my grandfather moved his family to America in 1922 he walked in Memorial Day parades in Detroit, Michigan. The attached photos are from one of those parades.

My grandfather, Fred G. Coxen, is leading this parade

My grandfather is in the first row - last man on the right 

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