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Friday, October 5, 2012

Calling All Experts

My continuing search for a WWI expert to review my book continues. I just emailed Dr Ian F W Beckett, the author of several books including "Ypres". Currently he is on the staff of the Strategic Studies Institute, United States Army War College.

I'm torn between being up front and blunt by just requesting a book review, or supplying some background information to create interest. I suppose so combination would work best but I haven't discovered the magic sequence.

At times I feel that I wasted four years of my life and spent a money on loosing cause. The book has received great reviews by those that have read it. The problem is to find a way to motivate readers. I've thrown out a lot of seeds but few have germinated. Every day I search for new avenues to draw interest to the book but without success.

I'm writing this to inform new authors of the hardship of marketing of their books. I suppose there is equal frustration in all book types , but historical nonfiction takes so much time in detailed research before you even begin to write, it is disheartening that the author has to work so hard after they work so hard.

I've been told that I should be pleased and proud that I completed a book and one that has received good reviews. I am but I find myself saying, "No applause, just money".  The Great Promise

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