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Sunday, April 20, 2014

April 100 years ago

Is history repeating itself? In April 1914 forces were in motion that would ultimately lead to war. Germany's Kaiser had assembled an army to match that of its long time foe France and yet he felt surrounded by enemies. Count Alfred von Schlieffen developed a battle plan whereby Germany could fight and win a two front war. After he retired Helmuth von Moltke revised the original plan just in case war came.

By 1914 Austria / Hungary was the second largest country in Europe and the fourth most powerful manufacture of machinery. When Russia defeated Turkey, Austria assessed it as Russia's plan to expand its Slavic goals. In the 1878 Congress of Berlin allowed Austria to occupy Bosnia and Herzegovina, however, that did not sit well with the Bosnia and Herzegovina when Austria decided to fully absorb them.

Ultimately the tension between these two countries would lead to war. 

I can only assume that my grandfather was well aware of the mounting problems in Europe. He still had three more years of required service in the RFA reserve and was working as an electrician. Married in 1912, he and his wife had a baby girl so he must have been very concerned about the future.

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