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Friday, September 13, 2013

The Money Pit - publishing a book

I sent a query to the "Naval and Military Press", "Penn and Sward", and so many others without even a rejection letter to show for my efforts - the question being is no news good news or is it just no news!

The same problem exists with those that agree to post a review of the book if I would send them a copy of the manuscript, but after several weeks not one review has been posted. The book is only 200 pages and several contain photographs so how long would it take to read?

I find it so frustrating to spend four years researching and writing a book that receives five stars by people who read it , but how does one go about getting people to pickup the book and read it. I suppose if I had the answer to this question I would't be complaining, I would be wealthy.

I've taken my mission on the road and told my story to the members of a retirement facility - those of the great generation, and it was well received.

FLASH!! I just received my first rejection - the "Military Press" sent me an email stating that they are not accepting book queries at this time. I guess it wasn't a rejection as much as it was a "I'm overloaded with war books at this time so I don't want to look at another one until the centennial is over."

I've been in contact with the US eastern branch of the Western Front Association to see if I can conjure up some more local interest. They are having a symposium in October in PA which I'll try to attend.

Does any one remember the movie "The Money Pit"? I should write a sequel but it would be a story of trying to publish a book. Hey! It could be a best seller and a possible movie since Hollywood tends to fall back on remakes of old movies.

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