The date is August 1914. The British Expeditionary Force is in France and You're in the Royal Field Artillery. You're riding alongside one of the battery's gun limbers on its way to the assigned position on the east side of Mons, Belgium. This begins your journey into the Hell they called World War One. To purchase this historical memoir go to https://createspace.com/3649268

Monday, September 2, 2013


Although World War 1 - An Unkept Promise is based upon my grandfather’s journal, it does not follow the same pattern as most journal based stories. It is different in several ways; first it has a storyline, which is supported by the journal. Another distinction is how the journal entries were written. Although in first person, they describe more of what is happening around him, which is similar to how a journalist would report the action. However, the major difference is that the story begins during the Second World War, which sounds strange being a WW1 story.

It was during WW2 that he wrote a letter titled “I had a dream the other night”, and it was this letter that altered my life’s journey:

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