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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Grandfather's journal April 5th 1915

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April 5th - 23rd

Remained in this position firing on enemy's trenches and guns, but aeroplanes were very active and often stop us from firing. Very little night doings. Our observation station in the brewery was a veritable trap, for it was continually shelled.

In spite of this we stuck it for four days, until one shell hit direct on the little cellar, wounding Grogan and Smith, (the two telephonists on duty). Lt Richie had a marvelous escape, but poor Grogan died afterwards, and Smith was so shook up, he was sent away. We now used the remnants of a house, which we called the green house, for the observation post. It was shelled often, but we had no further casualties and nothing out of the ordinary happening; just the usual give and take.

The batteries in rear were shelled occasionally, but nothing came within harming distance of our guns.

Can hear sounds of continual heavy fighting far away to our left towards YPRES and on our right by LA BASSEE; some pretty hard scrapping was in progress on the French front,

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