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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Round Three

I joined several writing groups on the LinkedIt website, one of which was Authonomy.com - which is an excellent source for writers.

Downloading my book I was opening myself up to writers, authors, publishers and other frightful characters. I also joined a Historical Book group and one titled Writers & Books.

I introduced myself to each group and jumped right in posting. It didn't take long before my manuscript was dissected, analyzed and served to me in a salad bowl.

One elderly history teacher with a high author rating suggested I rethink my approach and focus more on my grandfather and expand on his journal entries. Which I could not ague with but panicked at the thought of rewriting a third time - even though they say the third time is the charm.

When I received a review of 600 words taken from the book - I did not select wisely. The reviewer wrote that it lacked emotion and did not hook him into wanting to read more - but he did say it had promise. Being who I am - which is hard enough without trying to be someone else, I posted the journal except describing George Bramwell's death. Well that tickled his fancy and suggested I start the book using it.

This made me wonder if the current opening was good enough. I copied and pasted the 1900 plus words - which immediately drew criticism since I far exceeded the 600. Posting an apology I explained my intention and the circumstances behind the posting.

The controller of the site piped in and said I had great material but the reviewers dealt mostly with fiction so he was not sure they could help me. But added, perhaps if I decided to write it as historical fiction they would be all over it with help. Besides, he added, it would open it to a wider audience.

It brought flashbacks to my original book "The Great Promise". So I am considering another rewrite and perhaps with their help I could be this story published.

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