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Friday, June 27, 2014

Review of 'From Notes and Well Remembered Incidences'

I received a second review of my e-book, 'From Notes and Well Remembered Incidences'. The reader gave it four stars but pointed out that there were several spelling errors, which I agree there could be a couple but not several. Then it dawned on me that the reviewer was American and much of the story is written using British English instead of American English, such as 'organize' and 'organise' or 'defence' and 'defense'.

Now that this was brought to my attention, I added a disclaimer to the 'Preface' explaining that English - English was used rather than American English. The book was written using UK English because my grandfather was British and his story is about the Royal Field Artillery and therefore it was only logical to use the appropriate spelling.

The reviewer did say, "Frederick Coxen's diary is a useful source of information to the military historian, giving as it does a soldier's eye view of the early Great War years, including mention of Royal Field Artillery tactics and practices in the field. Reading it was especially poignant to me as my great uncle served in the RFA and was killed in action on the Somme. - Coxen's grandson has done historians a service by publishing this work."

Which was my goal and so I thank the reviewer for verifying that I achieved my intended purpose.

From Notes and Well Remembered Incidences

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