The date is August 1914. The British Expeditionary Force is in France and You're in the Royal Field Artillery. You're riding alongside one of the battery's gun limbers on its way to the assigned position on the east side of Mons, Belgium. This begins your journey into the Hell they called World War One. To purchase this historical memoir go to https://createspace.com/3649268

Monday, June 25, 2012

New Flickr Account

I created an Flickr account and posted images of some of my grandfather's documents that might interest some. The url is http://www.flickr.com/groups/thegreatpromise Add a comment if you would like to see others.

Also I'm in the process of finding a home for the journal when I mentally ready to part with it. So far the Royal Artillery Museum and Imperial War Museum are in the running. I thought I might contact the Queen but she was a little busy with her diamond celebration and the up coming Olympics.

Trying to get input on other people's successful marketing strategies, any ideas?

I'm also trying to connect with a WWI historian to review my book to establish credibility. Anyone know one?


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